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Front view of a lever handle.
I am glad to find such a recognisable character for this collection in a simple way.

Lever handle in use.
It was a challenge to design a lever handle in wood that is strong enough to bare the turning torque of the internal mechanism. We went though various iterations and came up with the final solution. It can not only be used for doors but also for the drawers, closets and window locks.

Lever handle S size.
We played a lot on its proportion and I found this rather cute proportion very inviting.

Pull plate handle in use.
It was designed for public entrances without mechanisms. So it was designed for people to spontaneously either push it or pull it to open. It can also be used for sauna rooms and any public places that require generous handles.

Pull handle collection in detail.
This is a simple door handle that can be used in public space for both push opening and pull opening as well as for the doors with slide opening. It was designed for the house entrances and for general interior uses.

Ridge door handle collection, 2022

Our collaboration with aru. is a quite unique. We were supposed to be designing an architectural door handle collection for an artisan who was actually a sculptor. But as the project went deeper, it was clear that I had all the vision for them and our mutual trust and understanding allowed our studio to explore their branding. In the end we ended up finding their brand name, logo, web site, photo-shooting, and the door handles at last but not least.

"aru" is a Japanese word that expresses a way of being or the presence of things in space. Since the beginning of this project, our vision for the collection was to naturally integrate into architectural surroundings while adding a qualitative accent to the atmosphere. I felt this modest stance of things overlapped with this word.

The idea for this ridge collection is rather simple and straight forward. Usually door handles need to support two type of uses either being pulled or pushed to open the door. When people want to pull a handle they want to have a generous and inviting surface that provides a nice contact. On the other hand when people push a handle to open the door, they want to have a surface that is large and reasonably flat so that it is easily pushed. I simply combined my answers for these two actions and connected them together in the middle. As a result a natural ridge appeared where two surfaces met.

Our branding work for aru:

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