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"Shade" is realised by simple reliefs that create an optical stripe effect on the surface. This gentle texture also works as an anti-slip when the tiles are used horizontally.

Shades of deep blue on the wall.

Its texture suggests new uses of surface materials in unexpected environments.

For stationeries.

Shades for Decoratori Bassanesi,2019

Since the beginning of the project, I was drawn to create tiles that tacitly enrich the atmosphere of the space rather than creating a graphic that is permanently in our presence. This way of looking at the project led me to play with a relationship between light and shadow. As I was intrigued by the precise moulding technique of the brand, I decided to go for a 3D surface that creates a subtle yet sharp pattern of shades on the monochromatic tile surface. 

The relief is so subtle, creating a pleasant tactile experience. As a floor surface, this relief acts as a soft anti-slip. It is also lovely to feel the time of the day by experiencing the transition of this living motif.