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A column-based table in all linoleum.

Conically rolled linoleum sheet with a dovetail joint detail.

Detail for a rotation moulded portable water/sand tank.

Exploaded animation, prepared by Faust team.

ATL table collection for Faust, 2023

As the name suggests, this project was about finding alternative solutions at every step. It is based on rethinking building a family of configurable tables with central legs. Traditionally, single-column tables rely their stability on the volume and weight of the legs. However, we must make the table heavy for this reason, and we thought there must be other ways; since linoleum is an environmentally friendly sheet material, we understood through experiments that t was possible to roll the fabric to create the most structurally durable form: a conic. A conic shape in the linoleum sheet meant it was made hollow, and we developed a project from this point onwards. We fitted cable management and storage space at the top while installing a single lever-flocking portable sand/water tank system at its base. Designing a custom-made tank made it possible to deliver the table in a lightweight and to source the required weight at the assembly site. We are happy to have found such a round and quite complete solution with great teamwork and collaboration.