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 Transcribed texture of linen is prioviding a new tactile experience.


 Only its top surface is textured.


 Tactile surface.

TofuGrande washbain, Flaminia , 2015

This project was made in collaboration with Giullio Cappellini for 60th anniversary for Flaminia
Photo by Riccardo Bianchi

The white monolithic feel of Aquagrande washbasin somehow resonated with the image of a tofu block. Not only they look alike but they are similar in a sense that both are nice and cold to touch. Tofu is often produced with a fabric filter whose surface texture gets transcribed on it. More of its character unveils when the texture is seen in water and I felt this relationship was also something interesting.

Following such thoughts I decided to apply a fabric texture on the top surface of the washbasin.