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Simple 3 leg stool design in aluminum that was inspired by the flexibility and easiness of milking stools at farms.

Underside detail shot.
Easy to grab lips were built by removing its unneccesary material and weight

Joint detial shot.
Thanks to the precision work of Fucina, we were able to develop sturdy and clean joints for the legs.


Having less legs in crowdy space mak
es a big difference. The atmosphere remians random and oepn at the same time.

Water drain and easy to grab detail from the top.

Latteria stool

As its name may suggest, this stool is linked to milking stools at farms. Farm stools are usually made with 3 legs as to provide better stability on uneven ground and they often come with interesting handles or grips for manoeuvrability. I simply felt those stools could be fantastic for aperitivo and for outdoor cafes if they can stand the weather. It naturally lead me to redesign the milking stool in aluminium.