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Axon conference table with Saiba chairs.
This project was designed in collabroation with Naoto Fukasawa.

Marble top and legs with storage space for full connectivity.

Black monolithic finish (seamless table top) with slim legs.

Center flap details.

Wood finish in a larger format.

Edge connectivity.

Axon round table with Leeway.

Pop-up connectivity for the round tables.

You can watch a video from this link for further details.
: Axon table in detail, produced by Geiger

Axon conference table family/ HermanMiller collection, Geiger 2018

The Axon table family was designed with my master designer: Naoto Fukasawa. The entire project revolved around creating a connectivity platform from the ground up. When we consider shared tables during a conference/meeting as a public space, the only private area you are temporarily given is the length of the table edge border in front of you. Then the idea was to provide personal connectivity for your digital tools in this space.