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Axon conference table with Saiba chairs.
This project was designed in collabroation with Naoto Fukasawa.

Marble top and legs with a storage space for full connectivity.

Black monolithic finish (seamless table top) with slim legs.

Center flap details.

Wood finish in a larger format.

Edge connectivity.

Axon round table with Leeway.

Pop-up connectivity for the round tables.

You can watch a video from this link for further details.
: Axon table in detail, produced by Geiger

Axon conference table family/ HermanMiller collection, Geiger 2018

Axon table family was designed in collaboration with my master designer: Naoto Fukasawa. The entire project revoldved around this idea of creating a connectivity platdorm from gound up. When we consoder that a shared tables druing a conference / meeting as a public space, the only private space you are temoprary given to is the length of the table edge boarder in front of you. Then the idea was to provide a personal connectivity for your digital tools on this space.