Via Giuseppe Ripamonti 15,
20136 Milan, Italy

TEL:    +39 02 366 96624


Detail shot on "L" size in black

"S"size in deep red.

"M" size in deep red.

Scenic composition shot with 2 mdediums.

Lacquer light collection for NINE, 2023

The shape of the lampshade owes its presence to Japanese lacquer bowls.
I started this project by designing the small size as my first image was a lacquer bowl hanging upside down from the ceiling. The project grew as we further developed, and we decided to add a few bigger siblings. It is hard to see from the photos, but we found great detail in the light diffuser shape during its development; we added a concave to the diffuser surface so it is hidden inside the lampshade when seeing It at a certain height, and it magically happened to spread the light to almost 180 degrees wide!